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How to Access Maricopa County Public Records Without a Sweat

Do you have this urgent need to access the database containing Maricopa County public records in order to obtain information about one of its residents? Then, you are in luck! Fortunately, for you, Maricopa County public databases can now be easily accessed through the Internet. To be able to do this, all you need to know are the website addresses or links that could lead you to that information that you really need.

On the map, Maricopa County can be found at the central part of the Arizona state in the United States. It currently ranks fourth among all counties in the United States in terms of population. In fact, its population is greater than the combined population of 24 states. The county seat of Maricopa is Phoenix, the largest city and capital city of Arizona. In a study conducted by Forbes in 2007, the four municipalities within the county make it among the top ten fastest-growing cities in the U.S.

Maricopa County public records encompass all information that have been filed and recorded by public agencies, including those of corporate or property. These documents are usually created by the federal and local government or by private individuals. Common examples kept by government units are vital, real estate, driving, criminal and immigration records. Vital details include all documentations of major life events of people, like birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce documents, and death certificates. On the other hand, common examples of the public information kept by individuals are magazine subscriptions and voter registration. Most of the time, those maintained by the government can be accessed for free or for a very minimal administrative fee.

Access to Maricopa County public records is subject to certain regulations. In the state of Arizona where Maricopa County is located, Title 39 or the Arizona Public Records Law includes all statutes and court cases that define public access to government information. Arizona also has an open policy that mandates and allows access to public files to any person at all times within regular office hours. Exceptions to this provision are conditions wherein individual's right to privacy is violated and when it interferes with ongoing criminal proceedings.

Among the most commonly accessed court records in Arizona are divorce documents, estate, legal documents, property details, wills and deeds, and docket calendars. Aside from these, jail and prison documentations may also be accessed from various online sites that include Maricopa County public records in their databases.

Run your free public records search now to find records like birth and death, marriage and divorce filings, criminal law, county public records, phone number, address and more.

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